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See what other people are saying about our Arabella apartments! At Arabella, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.

Suee Lopez
| 7/25/2018
John was awesome! Knocked on my door the day after my maintenance request and everything was fixed within 10 minutes! So satisfied with their service.
Mandy Mills
| 6/28/2018
The new gal in the office is fantastic, truly brought much needed life to this property!! Kristi, you rock girl, thanks for being so helpful!! Excellent Customer Service!
Jo R
| 5/18/2018
Been living in this community for over an year now. The neighbourhood itself is great and the apartment complex is peaceful. Perhaps a little outdated, but it is well kept and the surroundings are maintained well. What I appreciate the most here is how quite and peaceful it is. The reviews about new management is pretty accurate, I was disappointed in renewing my lease too. However, they have finally invested in seemingly capable and efficient management staffs. The new staffs Josh and Jannette are very efficient and friendly. On-site maintence staff John is friendly too. :-) Yay! Happy days at Arabella again!!
Nathali Garner
| 5/5/2018
I love living here so far!
Marissa Jones
| 4/27/2018
Ive had a really positive experience renting at Arabella! From the professional interactions with leasing agents, to the clean apartment unit itself, I have nothing but good things to say. I had a few minor issues with my unit and was able to conveniently submit an online request form instead of calling or stopping in. It was fixed the very next day by maintenance. The neighborhood is quiet but also within walking distance to restaurants and other amenities . If you are a responsible adult who has lived in an apartment before, can report issues as you find them, and know how to treat the staff like real people, would highly recommend living here!
Leeza Susina
| 4/26/2018
The office staff is great! Always getting back to me in a timely manner. The maintenance when I did need it was done super fast. The apartments themselves are maintained and clean. Noticed not too many kids here either. Love that! Would recommend it to a friend.
Jaden Gardner
| 3/31/2018
My partner and I moved in recently and we couldnt be happier! While we immediately knew that this was the place for us when we took the tour, the service from the front office staff sealed the deal. Brandi has made sure everything is in perfect order for our move in, and we had the pleasure of meeting the Maitanence Crew Member Fernando who helped us out with setting up our in unit washer. The location is perfect for convenient living, with plenty of restaurants in the heart of the tech center. Bakers Street Pub is right next door! For shopping there isnt a huge variety, but with the 1-25 and 225 intersection less than a 2 minute drive, we have plenty of access to both Park Meadows and Aurora Mall. The area around the appartment as well as the appartments themselves are incredibly pet friendly. Wallace park has some decent straight shot paved paths, but it should be known that there are not a ton of lights in the park.The apartment is well built and comfortable. A renovated kitchen boasts stainless steel appliances, while the fire place is nestled in the corner. A large porch and a suprisingly private bedroom make this place feel truly like home.The workout room is great, and the heated pool is open year round with a very nice hot tub. There is a very nice patio set attached, with a grill for public use.Arabella has certainly started things off on the right foot with us, and i am sure that Brandi is taking the property in a very promising direction.
Greg Benskin
| 3/31/2018
My partner and I recently moved in to Arabella and couldnt be any happier! Right in the heart of DTC, we are conveniently close to everything; a peaceful park, plenty of bars, restuarants, and the light rail. Not to mention its a much quieter, cleaner, safer area to live in.The apartment itself is quiet, clean, and updated! Beautiful granite countertops, a wood fireplace, large patio, heated year long pool and spa, and also very pet friendly. Not to mention the airflow throughout the unit is making for an amazing spring. We have access to both I-25 and hwy 225 which is perfect for my travelling job and my partner who works in the DTC.I would highly recommend moving in here! Especially for the price... for the tech center, the rent is affordable and a great location!
Jackson Anderson
| 3/20/2018
I have recently moved into Arabella apartments and I am really pleased with my unit and the complex. Judging off of other reviews, there has been a lot of turnover in the front office, but the new manager Brandi, is very professional, nice, and dedicated to her residents. She went above and beyond to get me into my apartment at the perfect price. The complex is always clean and my maintenance requests have been filled within a timely manor. I would recommend Arabella to anyone who is looking for a friendly and attentive staff as well as a great location in the heart of the DTC.
Annalea Layton
| 3/12/2018
The staff at this apartment complex has been the best. Ive lived in so many apartment complexes over the years and this one by fare outshines the rest. I had to be out of my old apartment ASAP and they did not hesitate to move me in and make me feel welcomed. If youre looking for a wonderful home I would highly recommend these apartments.
Ausstan L.
| 3/12/2018
The staff at this apartment complex has been the best. Ive lived in so many apartment complexes over the years and this one by fare outshines the rest. I...
Ausstan L.
| 3/12/2018
The staff at this apartment complex has been the best. Ive lived in so many apartment complexes over the years and this one by fare outshines the rest. I...
Annalea L.
| 3/12/2018
The staff at this apartment complex has been the best. Ive lived in so many apartment complexes over the years and this one by fare outshines the rest. I...
Annalea L.
| 3/12/2018
The staff at this apartment complex has been the best. Ive lived in so many apartment complexes over the years and this one by fare outshines the rest. I...
Katie McGrane
| 8/14/2017
From day one the employees and management at Arabella apartment has been the best! It started with my transition from Texas to Colorado they worked with me when my move date needed to be changed. Then once I was finally here they have gone above and beyond in customer service. From being prompt on any maintenance request that was submitted to answering any questions or concerns.The property it self it in a great location in the heart of DTC, close to the light rail system (walk-able), and surrounding night life. The other residents in my experience have all been super friendly. One thing I love the most is how dog friendly it is. As an owner of 2 dogs it was important to find a place that just didnt say they were dog friendly but really mean it and show it!.
Brent Settle
| 8/14/2017
I have lived at Arabella for almost 3 years now and have enjoyed all the updates they have made during this time. Such as the pool and hot tube and with them being open year round. The staff has been awesome at getting to service orders when ever I have had issues with my apartment. Tatiana has been really helpful ever since I moved in and has been a great manager.
Lynda Block
| 6/15/2017
My little boy and I have lived in Arabella for a number of years. We moved here after I sold my house which is nearby. The apartment is roomy enough for us and it is well maintained. We enjoy the grassy areas, the pool and hot tub and the location. We have always been treated well and in a timely fashion by management and the maintenance staff.I would recommend Arabella to anyone who is looking to rent.
Brandon Taylor
| 6/13/2017
This was by far the cheapest accommodations I could find in the DTC area. The staff was incredibly friendly. Moving out was a breeze. Amenities are surprisingly nice for the price. I had a few issues here and there with the apartment, but nothing drastic and maintenance always fixed the problem the same day I told them about the issue. I cannot recommend Arabella enough.
Marta Lecot
| 6/2/2017
Its a quiet place to live ...
Christopher Simpson
| 5/23/2017
I lived it for a little over two years (January 2015-May 2017) and it has been one of my favorite places to live. I did just move out, mostly to move away from the noise, traffic, and crowds of the DTC, and get into something a little bigger with central air and heat. However, Arabella really felt like home. I generally had good experiences with my neighbors and staff, everyone was super friendly. It is an older, smaller place, and it has baseboard heaters and a wall unit AC in the living room and they each barely get the job done, but I still generally found it comfortable. A couple of weeks in July and August would get almost unbearable but Id just lay out a small mattress in the living room and sleep under the AC when it got too hot. This might sound really weird coming from a more modern apartment, but honestly I kind of liked the ritual.The property is really beautiful, the advantage of the older place is nice big old trees. Lots of squirrels and rabbits around too makes it feel a lot less like youre living in the city. I really liked the unorthodox view too; you look one way and see trees and grass, and another and you see towering office buildings. The park a block over is gorgeous as well. Almost all the trees change in the fall and there are so many colors (and it had some great pokestops while it lasted). In the winter they decorate the trees up and down the streets with lights, its really charming and I like how much work they put into this area. There were some moredifferent restaurants in the area when I moved in that I miss as they changed out, but I mostly found substitutes, and new ones (like Pokecity) that I never tried but they seemed really popular. Id go over to Landmark a lot, and Bara is one of my favorite sushi restaurants. I liked living near the Microcenter too, maybe a little too much.I never made very many maintenance requests, never really had any problems with anything in my unit thankfully, so I cant really comment on that. The couple of times I did interact with them though they were always really pleasant. I will say they were more prompt than the maintenance at my new place.I almost liken this place to living in a dorm for adults, in (mostly) a good way. Being close quarters to people, I would frequently meet and talk to my neighbors and they were super cool. A lot of them would go to the restaurants and bars around there too. Its mostly young adults who like to go out and do stuff, whether its eat, drink, or outdoorsy stuff, it seemed like a fairly social and mature group of people I was around. Being a much smaller community, it was easier to get to know people and the office staff knew who I was and greeted me pleasantly. Some of the amenities are kind of basic (an old laptop and free printer in the club house, a small gym, recycling in a dumpster at the corner of the property) but I always found it charming how it wasnt trying to be some exclusive upscale place. Not to say this place isnt nice, I think they did a great job on the renovations, the kitchens look great, if a bit small.I really loved living here, and the area is so nice. Ill miss it, I have some great memories from living here and hope anyone else enjoys it as much as I did.
Emily Galeano
| 4/10/2017
In general, I liked living at Arabella and I would consider living there again. There were some instances that were less than favorable but I always thought that it could have been much worse. I moved from out-of-state so I did all my lease negotiation online. When I arrived to pick up my keys I didnt get a tour and they didnt tell me where anything was. Having some sort of introduction to the complex would have been nice but it wasnt that hard to figure out on my own.During my first couple days there I called maintenance because my tub leaked nonstop after using it for the first time, the bathroom fan and garbage disposal didnt work, and my living room blinds didnt openclose. Maintenance did get to me the next day and they took care of everything, but there was a mess left after working in my bathroom. Another random thing was that there was a big water stain on my ceiling which was a concern since other reviews mentioned plumbing issues. Nothing happened though. The units are smaller than they appear on the website and there isnt much storage. (There are apartments out there that are bigger for the same price or less if youre lucky enough). They also do not have centralized AC but I was okay with my wall unit since I was in a studio. It worked fine. I probably called maintenance a handful of times during my one year stay for miscellaneous reasons, but they were always great and quick to respond. Oh, and the walls seemed very thin as I could hear everything in all the units that surrounded me, especially the loud guy that stomped 247 above me. Thats apartment living though so there wasnt much I could really do about that... The location was nice, staff was always friendly, and I enjoyed the sense of community. I also liked being able to walk to nearby restaurants, bars, etc. As I said, I had a pretty good experience there and it seems like the reviews are improving overall. Worth checking out at the very least!
Roman Bogdanowski
| 11/10/2016
Been here for almost two months and very happy. The pool is very nice and it is kept in a very good shape (clean no chlorine smell). Had to put a maintenance request once and it was handled well and quick. Jaymee is beyond nice!
Chris Stiles
| 9/4/2016
I lived at the Arabella for 9 months and had a great experience. This is a great place to get an apartment in the expensive DTC area at a pretty decent rate. If location and price are on the top of your priority list then this is a good option for you. Management treated me extremely fairly and worked with me when I was out of town and a little late to get them their rent. Unfortunately I had to leave my lease early. They made this process extremely easy and did not hit me nearly as hard as other apts I have lived in, and I appreciate that! If I were to stay I would have definitely stayed and more than likely re-sign for another year. Great location, fun pool, great for pet owners!Maintenance was great and always responded very quickly to my requests. I did have one issue that took over a month to get fixed but they were relying on a third party vendor to get it fixed. The sprinkler system had 2 powerful heads that were spraying my car every night. Just before I left I noticed the sprinkler company out adjusting the 2 heads too resolve the problem. It just took over a month of my car getting soaked. Not a big deal... Overall, super nice management and staff and they take care of any issues you may have quickly. My apartment unit was recently rehabed and in good shape. 5 stars for location, price, staff, pets, and pool, wood burning fire places, hot tub...
Anna Anna
| 2/23/2016

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